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Fellowship Santa Paula Welcomes you.

 805-525-2126           406 S. Acacia Rd.#A Santa Paula, Ca  93060

Welcome to Fellowship Santa Paula. We would like to extend a personal invitation to our church. It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done, how long it has been or what you have been through, You are welcome here - nothing to fear.

Come reunite with God. Many times we have fears of:

1. What will people say?

2. What will they think of me?

3. Will they want me?

4. All these things I have been through and done can God still love me?

We would like to clear that up for you.

1. What we will say is we are so happy to meet you and welcome to our fellowship.

2. We think it is wonderful you are here to fellowship and worship God with us.

3.  Yes we want you here in our fellowship and to become part of our family.

4. We have all been through things and done wrong things, we are just like you - we all need God, and yes God still loves you and wants a relationship with you.

It is tough sometimes to take that step but we want you to know we are just like you nothing fancy, just ordinary people wanting to get together, worship God, and help each other through the struggles we all face.

So we hope you feel at ease and know we will be waiting for you. We are praying for you that you will feel God's presence and the Holy Spirit guiding you here to our fellowship.

Just so you know it isn't the same without you, we all are parts of the body of Christ and you are not here so we are missing the part that God has made for you here and what you have been searching for to feel home again. 

From all of us here at Fellowship Santa Paula  we hope to see you real soon.

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